Multifunctional Washlight

In addition to three different light source colour temperatures of 4,000, 5,700 and 3,400 Kelvin, the AGILIO is available in two control versions. The first version is the AGILIO CRMX / iQ.Mesh, which can also be controlled via the standard Lumenradio CRMX protocol, which allows DMX data to be sent wirelessly to the unit. This type of control is perfect if the unit is to be integrated into an existing DMX network or show setup.

The second version is the AGILIO DoP / iQ.Mesh, which can additionally be controlled via the new GLP DoP technology (DMX over Powerline). GLP DoP technology makes it possible to use any existing powerline or busbar system without laying an additional data line or using a data bus that is already in use. With this technology, the DMX signal is simply modulated onto existing power lines and immediately evaluated by the spotlight. Thus, this system can easily be retrofitted into any existing power system.

Both versions also offer control via GLP iQ.Mesh technology, where the spotlights can be conveniently set up and controlled via the AGILIO smartphone or tablet app available free of charge for Android or iOS.

Technical Data

Light Source

LED Type

White Light LED


50,000 h

LED Count




Optical System

Total Output

up to 6,200 lm

Min. Zoom

15° – 35° (half peak)

Max. Zoom

15° – 35° (half peak)

Electrical Specifications

Power input

100 – 240 VAC / 50 – 60 Hz


120 W







– 100%

Dimensions & Weight

Height (head vertical)

364 mm / 14.4 in

Height (head straight down)

389 mm / 15.3 in

Width (head straight down)

278 mm / 10.9 in

Depth (head straight down)

125 mm / 4.9 in


4.85 kg / 10.7 lbs

Technical Details


Further Information

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